Graphic Communications is the industry that puts words and images on thousands of items you see every day: billboards, websites, candy wrappers, CDs, T-shirts, textbooks, and your favorite publications. It is an industry with opportunities for all talents — artistic, technical, interpersonal, managerial, and entrepreneurial.
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Compensation Opportunities

Companies in the Graphic Communication industry offer competitive starting wages and salary packages compared to other fields. Nearly all companies offer comprehensive insurance and benefit packages to their employees with 97% having health plans, and a majority offering 401k or other retirement savings plans.

Hourly Wages

  • The average wage per hour for production/non-supervisory personnel for manufacturing/nondurable goods was $17.77.
  • Median wages were at $17.48 in the industry’s core lithographic offset segment. (May 2013)
  • In comparison, median wages were $16.92 for General Maintenance and Repair Workers, $10.29 per hour in retailing and $10.79 in leisure and hospitality.

(Source: U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, July 2014)

For other specific job titles, some recent median and maximum wage survey results give the following information:

Medium and maximum wages for specific job titles:

Desktop digital operator $21.00 $36.00
Color copier/printer operator $16.63 $26.13
40 six-color press 2nd operator $18.00 $24.00
40 six-color press operator $22.47 $30.53
Full Web Heat Set Lead press operator $24.00 $34.70
Folder operator $17.00 $36.18
Stitcher/Binder operator $20.00 $30.65

(Source: Printing Industries of America Compensation Report 2013)

Administrative Average salaries: Average annual base salaries (not including incentive pay) for department heads/supervisors:

  • Bindery/Finishing Manager: $59,614
  • Human Resource Manager: $63,950
  • Mailroom Fulfillment Manager: $57,098
  • Plant Manager: $75,000
  • Prepress Manager: $67,146
  • Production Manager/Plant Manager: $89,589
  • Press (Sheetfed) Manager: $69,482
  • Press (Web) Manager: $70,373
  • Shipping/Receiving Manager: $51,686
  • Art Director/Designer: $38,604
  • Customer Services Manager: $64,365
  • Customer Services Representative: $45,084
  • Database Technician: $52,457
  • Estimator: $49,689
  • MIS/IT Manager: $60,875
  • Office Manager: $45,760
  • Production Planner/Scheduler: $54,813
  • Sales Manager: $104,893
  • Scheduler: $54,813

(Source: Printing Industries of America Compensation Report 2013)