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Overview - Using the data

Information available in each of the sections

Associations — (listed by name)

Types of associations:

  • Users/printers groups — Local; National; Printing Segments
  • Processes — Offset: Digital; Gravure; Screen
  • Printing Materials — Paper; Inks; etc.
  • Industry Focused — History; Analysis; Meetings; Trade Shows
  • Industry Customer Groups
  • Industry Educational Groups

Government Advocacy

Government issues relating to the printing industry.


Standards are codified best practices. The printing standards effort has lead the printing industry to better process implementation in recent years. To explore the optimum methods for accomplishing most industry practices go to the link and search for the proper standard under "purchase standards" (minimal cost or free). See ICC for color management. Also link to for further information.

Trade Publications

All industry related publications dealing with the above topics are listed by name.

Industry Outreach

Designed for learning about the industry and its inherent value. Includes a "how to" for outreach.